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Dear Visitor,

Welcome at my website! You will find here most of the power point slides of my recent presentations, FAQ & tools for quality of life research and my publications. Below you will also find contact details and my curriculum vitae.

Current Position

1. Full Professor and head of the section Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MPP) of the department of psychiatry of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and
2. Senior investigator at of the Viersprong Institute for studies on Personality Disorders (VISPD) of the 'Viersprong'

My main research topics today are health related quality of life and the (cost-)effectiveness of psychotherapy in personality disorder. I have an interest in the operationalisation of other than cost effectiveness arguments in Health Technology Assessment (HTA), like distributional and ethical arguments. Beside my work with a focus on quality of life and health economics, I am the head of the new line 'Psychological Aspects of Living Kidney Donation' at the MPP.

Contact Details

Prof. Dr. J. van Busschbach
Section of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC
PO Box 2040 
3000 CA Rotterdam 
+31 6 81423366 (mobile)
+31 10 7043807
(direct: 7044306)
Prof. Dr. J. van Busschbach
Viersprong Institute for studies on Personality Disorders VISPD
PO Box 7
4660 AA Halsteren

Curriculum Vitae

2012 Full Professor and head of the at the section of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the department of Psychiatry of the Erasmus MC
2012 Senior investigator
at the Vierspong Institute for studies on Personality Disorders VISPD at the Therapeutic Center 'De Viersprong' in Halsteren
interim director of the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC
Professor at the department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC
Managing director of the Vierspong Institute for studies on Personality Disorders VISPD at the Therapeutic Center 'De Viersprong' in Halsteren
Vice director of the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC
Associated professor (UHD) at the department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC
2002 Assistant professor (
UD) at the department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC
2002 Senior investigator of the
Vierspong Institute for studies on Personality Disorders VISPD at the Therapeutic Center 'De Viersprong' in Halsteren
1999 General director of the iMTA

1994 institute of Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA), Erasmus MC
1994 Defends of the thesis ‘The Validity of QALYs’
1990 PhD student at the Centre of Health Policy and Law of the Erasmus University
1988 Military service: first lieutenant
1988 Graduation cum laude psychophysiology and psychometrics
1981 Start study psychology at the University of Utrecht
1962 Born in Nederhorst den Berg, The Netherlands


For years now, I have enjoyed teaching students using an interactive "problem oriented education strategy". My teaching at the Erasmus MC involves a three days course about measuring quality of life measurement in an international post graduate health sciences course (NIHES), the supervision on individual master thesis and teaching at the faculties of psychology of the Erasmus University and the University of Amsterdam. Supplementary to the university courses, I teach in several health economic seminaries for health professionals, both at a national and international level.

Graduated Ph.D. candidates

-  Dawn Bales, UvA
-  Aurelie Lange 31/1/2018 From implementation to alliance: the role of therapist adherence within Multisystemic Therapy
-  Annelies Laurenssen 12/12/2017 Burden and diagnosis of personality disorders in adolescents and the effectiveness of Mentalization-Based Treatment VU, KU Gent, Erasmus MC
-  Kirsten Berk 29/11/2017 Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Type 2 Diabetes
-  Hester van Eeren 15/11/2017 Evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of youth care using routinely collected clinical practice data
-  Mira Staphorts 21/6/2017 Hearing the Voices of the Children: the views of children participating in clinical research
-  Eva van Eijk, 7/6/2017 Computer-assisted Self-triage for the Ophthalmic Emergency Department
-  Marieke Visser 21/6/2016 How to Cope with Stroke? The effectiveness of Problem Solving Therapy
-  Eva Horn 19/4/2016 Long-term costs and effects of psychotherapy in personality disorders
-  Janine van Manen 26/1/2016 Treatment Selection in Personality Disorders
-  Lotte Timmerman 2/12/2015 Exploring the Mental Health of Living Kidney Donors
-  Annelieke Pasma 25/11/2015 Non-Adherence to Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs in Early Arthritis
-  Jessica Voerman 23/9/2015 Psychosocial Assessment and Self-Management of Chronic Pain
-  Sohal Ismail 10/6/2014 Home-based Education Increases Knowledge, Communication and Living Donor Kidney Transplantations
-  Marinella Offerman 20/11/2013 Towards a better care for head and neck cancer patients and their partners
-  Laurien Aben 16/4/2013 Memory Self-efficacy after stroke
-  Lyonne Zonneveld 27/2/2013 Unexplained Physical Symptoms: patients' quality of life improved by cognitive-behavioral group treatment tailored to their perspective [Mini college]
-  Dineke Feenstra 17/10/2012 Personality disorders in adolescents: prevalence, burden, assessment, and treatment
-  Anna Bartak 15/10/2010 On the effectiveness of psychotherapy in personality disorders. UvA, LUMC, Erasmus MC
Djøra Soeteman 3/6/2010 Economic evaluation of psychotherapy for personality disorders: burden of disease, cost-effectiveness, and the value of further research and active implementation
-  Leonieke Kranenburg 27/6/2007 Psychological and Ethical Aspects of Living Kidney Donation
-  Marten Poley 23/12/2005 Cost-effectiveness of neonatal surgery: a matter of balance
-  Elly Stolk 2/9/2005 Equity and Efficiency in Health Care Priority Setting: how to Get the Balance Right?

Present Ph.D. students

-  Juanma Ramos Goñi

-  Zhihao Yang
-  Martijn Visser
-  Maarten van Schijndel
-  Aline Stolk
-  Steef Redeker

Own Education

I studied psychology at the Utrecht University and graduated In 1988 cum laude in psychophysiology (the validity of neuropsychological diagnostic tests) and psychometrics (item response theory and the determination of unidimensionality). My subsidiary subject was clinical neurophysiology. After fulfilling military services as first lieutenant, I started working at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. At this university I wrote my thesis about the validity of QALYs under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dick Hessing and Dr. Frank de Charro.

Memberships of Professional Committees

2015 - today  Member of the Advisory Board National Insurance Package of National Health Care Insurance Board (Advies Commissie Pakket)
2013 - today  Member of the Commity 'Delta plan Dementia Memorabel' ZonMW (Organisation for Health Research and Development)
2005 - today  Founding member of ELPAT: An European platform on Organ Transplantation: Ethical, Legal and Psychological Aspects
2005 - today  Chairman of the Board of Management of the EuroQol Research Foundation
1995 - today  Member of the Executive Committee of the EuroQol Association (with some interruptions)
1990 - today  Member of the EuroQol Group
2014 - 2016   Member of the ZIN committee to update the Official Dutch Guideline on health Economics
2012 - 2016   Member of the board of ISPOR Publications Committee
2010 - 2016   Member of the Commity Prevention of Mental Disease ZonMW (Organisation for Health Research and Development)
2010 - 2016   Member of the Commission Medication of National Health Care Insurance Board (CFH, WAR-CG, CVZ; ZIN)
2010 - 2015   Member of the Commity for Integrative Medicine Erasmus MC
2012 - 2014   Member of the board of directors of ISPOR
2008 - 2014   Member of the Medical Reseach Advice Commity of the Erasmus MC (Mrace)
2007 - 2011   Member of the Health Technology Assessment Advisory Board of MAPI Values
2006 - 2010   Member of the Students Logitudinal Evaluation Commity
2008 - 2009   Secondment at the Health Care Insurance Board: College voor zorgverzekeringen (CVZ)
2006 - 2007   Member of the Commmity Criteria for Cost Effectiveness of Hospital Medications
2005 - 2007   Member of the Health Counsel committee Measures for Environmental Health Effects
2002 - 2005   Member of the research committee of the Foundation Clinical Psychotherapy (Onderzoekskamer SKP)
1995 - 2005   Secretary of the Board of Management of the EuroQol Research Foundation
2003 - 2004   Member of the Health Counsel committee Sleep, Health and Noise
1999 - 2003   Chairman subcommittee "Cost-effectiveness" of the national multidisciplinary clinical guideline committee Non Specific Lower Back Pain
1996 - 2002   Member of the management board of Ceppor: an external financed research organization of the Department for Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy
1999 - 2001   General director of iMTA
1998 - 2001   Secretary of the Faculty Council
1996 - 2001   Member of the Faculty Council
1993 - 1995   Editor of ''Vraagstelling', a national scientific journal for junior investigators in the social sciences
1991 - 1995   Member of the PhD-students Society at the Faculty of Law
1993 - 1994   Member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Law
1992 - 1993   Chairman of the PhD-students Society at the Faculty of Law
1986 - 1988   Founder of the Neuropsychological Working Group Utrecht

Acquisition and funding

Year Project Funder Contractor   Budget  
2016 The Cost-Effectiveness of Educational Interventions in Living Donation Nierstichting MPP  €                             251.250
2015 Richtlijn kwalitiet van leven in kosteneffectiviteitsonderzoek Zorginstituut MPP  €                               39.869
2014 MdClip: the effectiiteit van inovatief brillenglas bij Macula Degeneratie  Revoir Groep MPP  €                              36.000
2013 Validating the EQ-5D in Indonesia EuroQol MPP  €                              71.100
2013 Writing a grant proposal 'psychological aspects of breast reconstruction' Plastic Surgery Erasmus MPP  €                              17.600
2012 The cost-effectiveness of Medical Psychiatry Units in hospitals Erasmus MC Psychiatry  €                            150.000
2012 Burden of medical research procedures in children ZonMW MPP  €                            300.000
2011 RCT dosering MBT in Borderline ZonMW Viersprong  €                            575.913
2011 Validatie GlareQoL en Catquest-9SF Oogziekenhuis MPP  €                              50.000
2011 Validatie Skindex Galderma  MPP  €                              43.000
2010 Avastin versus Lucentis en Qol dosering Avastin Oogziekenhuis MPP  €                              45.000
2010 Pijnbarometer Stichting Coolsingel MPP  €                              80.000
2009 Informatie verbetering transplantatie allochtonen. Nierstichting MPP  €                            227.000
2009 Infliximab vs Etanercept in patients with psoriasis ZonMW MPP  €                              90.000
2008 Uitwerken criteria noodzakelijkheid CvZ MPP  €                              20.000
2006 ELPAT: Psychologische aspecten orgaandonatie EU MPP  €                            107.798
2006 Cost-effectiveness of problem solving therapy in patients with Hepatitis C Stichting MDLS MPP  €                            128.929
2006 Problem solving therapy voor Heraptitis C patiënten (RCT) NUTS/ORHA MPP  €                            166.283
2005 Onderbehandeling migraine op de werkvloer (RCT) Pfizer MPP  €                            100.808
2005 Validatie groeihormoon KvL vragenlijst (plus Belgie) Pfizer MPP  €                              51.770
2005 Kort durende klinische psychotherapie versus ambulant (RTC) ZonMW Viersprong  €                            185.000
2004 Psychologische aspecten cross-over transplantation  Nierstichting MPP  €                              64.500
2003 Budget impact als vergoedingsnorm: The Third Man NWO iMTA  €                            195.490
2003 Psychological aspects of failure in living kidney donation ZonMW MPP  €                            212.536
2003 Nederlandse validatie EQ-5D ZonMW iMTA  €                            250.962
  Total      €                         3.169.689

Member of doctorate committee

-  Jelena Milic 25/4/2018
-  Martijn Kuijper 20/3/2018
-  Lyan Blikman 14/2/2018 Energy Conservation Management and Physical Behavior in fatigued people with Multiple Sclerosis
-  Leon Timmerman 9/2/2018 Medication adherence in chronic pain patients
-  Eveline Bijlard 13/12/2017 Less is more in Keloid Disease – a clinical study

-  Elaine Utomo 13/12/2017 Functional disorders of urogenital tract in men and women, assessment of quality of life and management strategies
Bouwine Carlier 31/10/2017 Health, Social Participation and Entering Paid Employment among Unemployed Persons
-  Femke Nouwens 5/7/2017 Timing of Aphasia Treatment in Stroke Patients : Early Interventions and Outcome

-  Margo van Mol 21/6/2017 Balancing Coincident Worlds : the emotional impact of patients’ relatives and professionals in the intensive care
-  Eline Jochems 28/6/2016 Motivation for psychiatric treatment in outpatients with severe mental illness
-  Almar Zwets 3/6/2016 Aggressive behavior in Dutch forensic psychiatric inpatients: Determinants of reactive aggression and their consequences for treatment
-  Erwin Vasbinder 30/11/2016 Adherence to inhaled corticosteroids in children with asthma
-  Annemieke Scholten 31/8/2016 Outcome after traumatic brain injury – Epidemiology, impact, and assessment
-  Liesbet Lawerman-van de Wetering 12/5/2016 Valuing and refining outcome measures for economic evaluations in health care
-  Ayesha Sajjad 6/4/2016 Early Life Determinants, Cognition, and Survival in Population-based Studies
-  Mirjam Tielen 30/3/2016 Psychosocial aspects of medication nonadherence after kidney transplantation
-  Robert Pangalila 23/3/2016 Duchenne from the 3rd decade. Aspects of functioning and quality of life of adults with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
-  Lionne Venderbos 2/12/2015 Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: quality of life and risk stratification
-  Caroline de Sonneville-Koedoot 29/11/2015 The Impact and Treatment of Developmental Stuttering
-  Laurens Vogelaar 6/10/2015 Exploring Fatigue in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients, Associated Factors and Management
-  Tineke de Jonge 2/7/2015 Different survey questions on the same topic: how to make responses comparable?
-  Annemieke Leunis 18/6/2015 The cost-effectiveness of personalized medicine strategies in acute myeloid leukemia
-  Asia Ruchlewska 11/6/2015 The effects of crisis plans for patients with psychotic and bipolar disorders: a randomized controlled trial
-  Anne Rongen 22/5/2015 Sustainable employability & participation in health promotion programs
-  Anne Wijtzes 13/5/2015 Social inequalities in young children's, lifestyle behaviors and overweight: The Generation R Study
-  Renske Hoefman 23/4/2015 The impact of caregiving: The measurement and valuation of informal care for economic evaluations
-  Erica Witkamp 7/4/2015 What Happens and What Matters. A Study on Palliative and Terminal care in the Hospital (PalTeC-H)
-  Janneke Anink 11/2/2015 Advances in the Management of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis The coming of age of biologic treatment
-  Claudia Marck 14/1/2015 Assessing barriers to the Involvement of emergency departments in organ donation
-  Jorrit Slaman 25/11/2014 Physical behavior and physical fitness among adolescents and young adults with spastic cerebral palsy
-  Maurice Niessen 6/11/2014 Simple screening instruments for chronic disease & personalised prevention at the workplace
-  Karin Verkerk 17/9/2014 Chronic non-specific low back pain. Course and prognosis
-  Sander Arons 11/7/2014 A contribution to dementia-related quality of life measurement. Radboud University Nijmegen
-  Karel Klop 1/7/2014 Tailor made live kidney donation
-  Djaina Satoer 20/6/2014 Speaking on the edge: the protection of cognition after glioma surgery in eloquent areas
-  Jolanda Stobbe 27/5/2014 Assertive community treatment for elderly patients with severe mental illness
-  Matthijs Versteegh 10/4/2014 Quality of life in economic evaluations of health
-  Peter Makai 10/4/2014 Moving beyond the QALY. Economic evaluation in health and social care for elderly populations
-  Lydian Veldhuis 4/2/2014 Overweight in 5-years-old children: assessment and risk factors. The 'Be active, eat right' study
-  Annastasia Ediati 15/1/2014 Disorders of sex development in indonesia: the course of psychological devlopment in late identified patients
-  Dorry Boll 20/12/2013 Trends in incidence and survival and evaluation of outcomes in the Eindhoven cancer registry and PROFILES registry
-  Chantal van Gils 19/12/2013 Real-world cost-effectiveness. Potential & pitfalls in the context of conditional reimbursement
-  Aulia Iskandarsyah 4/11/2013 Non-adherence in indonesian women with breast cancer and its determinants
-  Inge Hempel 27/11/2013 Sexualized minds. Child sex offenders' offense-supportive cognitions and interpretations
Mirjam Scholing- van Beelen 20/11/2013 Prevention of unintentional injuries in early childhood; using an E-health4Uth home safety intervention to promote parents’ child safety behaviours
Martin Filko 18/10/2013 Momentous Choices. Testing nonstandard decision models in health and housing markets
-  Anke Biemans 25/9/2013 Treatment and quality of life of patients with varicose veins
-  Kirsten van Steenbergen-Weijenburg 6/9/2013 Depression in chronic medically ill patients. A thesis from the Netherlands Depression Initiative
-  Daphne Hotho 21/6/2013 Chronic hepatitis C: clinical and societal evaluations
-  Mark Oppe 30/5/2013 Mathematical approaches in economic evaluations
-  Meelan Bul 14/5/2013 Low Risk Prostate Cancer and Active Surveillance
-  Johan de Raaf 10/4/2013 Cancer-Related Fatique: A Muiltidimensional approach
-  Wubbo Scholte 26/2/2013 Personality Assessment in inpatient psychotherapy. Radboud University Nijmegen
-  Lotte Bamelis 24/1/2013 Considering care: a clinical and economic evaluation of schema therapy for personality disorder. University of Maastricht
-  Lucas Goossens 18/1/2013 Underestimated uncertainties. Hospital-at-home for COPD exacerbations and methodological issues in the economic evaluation of health care
-  Hans Kortrijk 17/1/2013 Use of Routine Outcome Monitoring data for evaluating Assertive Community Treatment
-  Yvette Dubbelman 11/1/2012 Functional outcome of radical retropubic prostatectomy: Sexual function and urinary continence
-  Hanane El Hachioui 21/11/2012 Aphasia after Stroke - the SPEAK study
-  Femke Aarsen 24/10/2012 Long-term neuropsychological outcome in children diagnosed with low-grade astrocytom
-  Heidi van Vugt 24/10/2012 Impact of individual assessment on prostate cancer diagnosis
-  Geert Bezemer 20/6/2012 Neuropsychiatric and other side effects of peginterferon-based therapy of chronic hepatitis C infection
-  Irina Georgieva 14/6/2012 Coercive interventions during inpatient psychiatric care: patients prefenerences, prevention and effects
-  Mariska den Heijer 13/6/2012 The long-term psychological impact of either Regular Surveillance or Prophylactic Mastectomy in Women at Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer
-  Heidi Hermans 30/5/2012 Depression and anxiety in older people with intellectual disabilities
-  Lenneke van Genugten 16/3/2012 Prevention of Weight Gain Among Overweight Adults: Development and evaluation of a computer-tailored self-regulation intervention
-  Nichon Jansen 9/2/2012 Increasing postmortal donation. UMC St Radboud
-  Albert Mazairac 15/12/2011 Cost and outcome in hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration. UMCU /UU
-  Channah Nieuwenhuijsen 30/11/2011 Adults with Cerebral Palsy. Studies on physical activity, fitness and experienced problems
-  Tim Damen 4/11/2011 Technical, Psychological and Economic Aspects of DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction
-  Cynthia Holterhues 12/10/2011 The Burden of Melanoma
-  Marieke ten Have 28/6/2011 Prevention of obesity. Weighting ethical arguments
-  Noor Wolff 25/5/2011 Psychological Risk Factors for Pain in Young Children
-  Marieke Gieteling 18/5/2011 Childhood Non-specific abdominal pain in general practice: course and relation with mental health problems
-  Heleen van Agt 16/3/2011 Language disorders in children: impact and effects of screening
-  Carla Schölzel-Drenbos 31/1/2011 Quality of life in dementia: from concept to practice. Radboud University Nijmegen
-  Sylvia Gerhards, 13/1/2011 Evaluation of self-help computerized cognitive behavioural therapy for depression: integrating clinical, economic and patient perspective. University of Maastricht
-  Lisette Maasland 12/1/2011 Improving stroke care. Quality of care and health education in patients with a stroke or transient ischemic attack
Hisham Mehanna 10/12/2010 Towards effective assessment of the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients in the clinical setting
-  Jefrey Vermeulen 7/12/2010 Strategies in Perforated Diverticulitis

-  Diana Wiegerink
17/11/2010 Romantic relationships and sexual experiences of adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy
-  Karien van den Bergh 13/11/2010 Health related quality of life and informed decision making in lung cancer screening
-  Juanita Haagsma 3/11/2010 Disability adjusted life years and acute onset disorders. Improving estimates of the non-fatal burden of injuries and infectious intestinal disease
-  Marieke Spreeuwenberg 29/10/2010 Selection bias in (quasi-)experimental research. University of Tilburg
-  Boris Schouten 8/9/2010 Focusing on erectile function beyond midlife. Results of the longitudinal part of The Krimpen Study
-  Denise Bijlenga 8/7/2010 Methods to handle multiple outcomes in obstetrics. UvA
-  Jetske Ultee 15/6/2010 Outcome following peripheral nerve injury of the forearm
-  Frieke Vonk 2/6/2010 Physiotherapy for chronic neck pain. Therapies & Therapists
-  Joni Reef 21/5/2010 Adult consequences of child psychopathology
-  Marry de Klerk 22/5/2010 The Dutch living donor kidney exchange program

-  Celinde Karels 18/12/2009 Arm, neck and shoulder complaints in physical therapy practice: course and prognosis
-  Theo Ingenhoven 25/11/20
09 The role of psychodynamic assessment in diagnosis and treatment of personality disorder
-  Mohangoo Ashna 17/11/2009 Asthma-related symptoms and health related quality of life in children
-  Jolanda Wielemaker 3/9/2009 Long term inpatient psychiatric treatment in children: a follow up study after 5-25 years
-  Jeroen Legerstee 17/6/2009 Towards an optimal treatment for childhood anxiety disorder
-  Ruchi Saxena 13/5/2009 The Artisan Lens: effects on vision quality, the corneal endothelium and vision related quality of life
-  Carmen Galani 12/2/2009 Health technology assessment of medical interventions in the prevention and treatment of disease
Agnes Willemse - Van Son 28/2/2009 Functional Prognosis of Long-term Outcome after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective Cohort Study
-  Saskia Mérelle 3/12/2008 Migraine Trainers as Models: the effectiveness of Lay trainerswith migraine for behavioural attack prevention
-  Thea van Asselt 31/10/2008 Economic aspects of treatment for borderline personality disorder, University of Maastricht
Jolie Gutteling 4/6/2008 Implementing Health Related Quality of Life Measurement in Clinical Practice: A prospective study in patients with chronic liver disease
-  Nicole van der Roer 17/6/2006 Economic evaluations in low back pain, Free University Amsterdam
-  Marieke Verschuuren 16/5/2006
Quality Adjusted Life Years and Trade Off Exercises: exploring methodology and validity. University Utrecht
-  Pieter ter Borg 6/4/2005 Symptomatology, prognosis and treatment of biliary cirrhosis and sclerosing cholangitis
-  Berthon Rikken 23/9/2004 Growth hormone deficiency in children. Leiden University.